Since luxury trains started travelling across Europe on the eighties of nineteenth century, journeys  by train became a pleasant, wonderful  and exciting adventure. There are so many stories about the lengendary luxury trains that changed way of travelling from a dangerous experience to a pleasant and comfortable holiday.

These trains became a legend, especially the Orient Express, celebrated by famous writers like Agatha Christies. This was the premier luxury train, carrying business man, merchants, perhaps adventurers and tourists from Europe to the East Countries through the Balkans.

The train promised the maximum possible of luxury with pleasant and trouble free travelling; salon cars, restaurant cars and sleeping cars with the associated baggage cars, where accurately maintained in order to achieve something exclusively for the upper class.

To step back in time at the age when the style and romance of a journey was important as the destination;  that’s the experience that Golden Eagle Luxury Trains offers with an exclusively range of pioneering rail journeys carrying many thousands of delighted travellers on board of heritage trains.

Enjoy the elegance and comfort of the carriages up to the standard of a luxury hotel; sparkling crystal, polished wood and plush fabrics positively abound, and the dress code for a dinner sophisticated and elegant. A special ingredient is the exceptional level of inclusivity provided, so that there is no need to worry about how many excursions to take, the level of tipping required, or having that extra glass of wine with the meal.

A relaxing and carefree experience.

A fascinating rail cruise is on programme next summer on board of the Golden Eagle Danube Express, amongst the magnificent cities of Venice, Istanbul and Budapest . Aboard this hotel-on-wheels, it is possible to share generous amounts of relaxation, while voyaging across vast landscapes with sightseeing that opens a window into the soul and spirit of the places and communities visit.

The off-train excursions will take in all the major attractions of the places visited, in featured locations will be presented a variety of activities from which to choose, and enjoy a tailor-made experience.

On a typical day the Golden Eagle Danube Express will travel through the night. Disembarking after breakfast the following morning to be whisked away by coach or on foot to explore, for example, the sights and sounds of Vienna, Sarajevo or Belgrade and at the end of the day return to the sanctuary of the hotel-on-wheels, greeted by the cabin attendants. Enjoy pre-dinner drinks in the Bar Lounge Car as the train sets off again to next destination. Then settle down with the travelling companions in the Restaurant Car for a meal of local specialities and international cuisine, accompanied by a selection of fine wines. There is no need to hurry, the Restaurant Cars accommodate all the guests in a single sitting – so linger over coffee and reflect on the adventures of the day – or return to the bar for a night-cap and listen to the resident pianist.

The Golden Eagle Danube Express offers different on board activities, like attending talks on the local history and culture, playing bridge, tasting wines, improving photographic skills or simply soaking up the atmosphere in the Bar.

The journeys programmed on summer are:

 “The Balkan Explorer” a legendary rail route between Venice and Istanbul over 11 days and featuring 9 countries. Discovering the fascinating history, vibrant culture and medieval relics of this enchanting region, as venturing  through the lush landscapes of the Balkan

Balkan Odyssey” a trip through enchanting cities and delightful landscapes of Transylvania and the captivating atmosphere of the Balkan nations, in a 10 days tour from Budapest do Venice.

Following the increased demand for greener ways to explore the world and a keen desire for genuine experiences away from the typical tourist centres, rail journeys have emerged as a growing trend in the European Year of Rail 2021. In response to the pandemic, the company’s new travel pledge, ‘Travel with Confidence’ promises a fully refundable deposit until 31 March 2021, should guests decide to cancel, and outlines the special measures that are in place to help protect guests from Covid-19. A British-registered medical doctor travels on board every departure, providing further peace of mind.

La Transiberiana torna a viaggiare…

foto: Golden Eagle Luxory Trains


Di Stefania Mezzetti

Sono una giornalista viaggiatrice curiosa e instancabile, ho realizzato reportage e servizi da tutto il mondo a bordo dei treni più famosi e panoramici, su territori a volta inaccessibili ma sempre a caccia di emozioni. Il mio desiderio è portarvi con me viaggiando lungo le rotaie del mondo, per scoprire e conoscere mete affascinanti a volte inaspettate. Collaboro con vari magazine on line specializzati in viaggi e turismo, di grande diffusione mediatica.

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